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At Peter Li & Company, we dedicated to keeping you informed about the law. In doing so, we strive to be accessible while also remaining environmentally-responsible. Mr. Li has recorded a series of webcasts on various legal topics which are available on the internet. Please ask details at our office.

In addition, we offer various written legal resources available for viewing and download at your convenience. The resources listed below are updated regularly. They are intended as general legal information ONLY and should not be relied upon as legal advice. Should you require our legal services, please contact us to arrange for a consultation with our lawyers.





李时勤律师楼,在致力于提供公众的法律教育,同时亦保持对环保的负责。 李律师已经录制了一系列在互联网网络中直播的法律主题。 除了环保之外,也方便一些未能在办公时间内收听电台广播或前来听讲座的人士,请向我们的办公室查询细节。

另外,我们提供不同的书面法律资源,在你方便的时候看和下载。 以下的资源是作为普通的法律讯息而不应作为个别的法律意见。 如果你需要我们的法律服务,请联络我们安排与我们的律师咨询。