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Peter Li & Company was founded by Peter Li in 1993, after legal practice in Vancouver’s downtown and Chinatown districts. He quickly discovered that many of his clients’ expectations of legal service and of the lawyers who deliver them match his practice.

Our firm quickly adopted Mr. Li’s philosophy and personal belief in meeting the broad and varied needs of our clients. As such, we are very proud to provide holistic solutions to our clients’ legal needs, and not simply discrete legal services. We have attended to our clients’ needs with this primary consideration in mind along with prompt, reasonably priced and professional service. For over 25 years, our clients have come to know us for our dedication, care and work ethic. As a result, our clients and peers alike recognize us from inside and outside the province of British Columbia, including, without limitation, Hong Kong, Beijing, Guangzhou, Toronto, Edmonton and Calgary.                                                                                                                                       We have established connections with reputable law firms in Toronto and Hong Kong for mutual referral of clients, as well as for directly retaining each other for legal services in different jurisdictions. 


Peter Si Kun Li,
B.A., B.S.W., M. Div., J.D.

Mr. Li has been practicing law since 1991. Ever grateful for the opportunities, he has had the pleasure of being deeply involved with the community for over 25 years, including:  

- Continuously answering legal questions and explaining various legal issues on Fairchild Radio AM1470 since 1995. Radio segments are currently on air the first Wednesdays of each month, from 10:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.;

- Contributing to publicly accessible webcasts on a series of legal topics for public education;

- Guest speaking on different legal topics on various Fairchild TV programs;

- Writing legal articles for newspapers, magazines and other community publications; Speaking at legal seminars for various organizations and school boards, such as serving as an honorary speaker in law classes hosted by the People’s Law School and in legal seminars hosted by Chinese Christian Mission (CCM) Centre, both for over 10 years;

· Acting as a supervising lawyer for the Law Students’ Legal Advice Program (University of British Columbia) legal clinics; and

· Acting as a legal advisor for various organizations, including the Chinese International Missions (Canada), The Media Evangelism Association, Cultural Regeneration Research Society, CRRS (Worldwide) Foundation, Chinese Christian Social Concern Fellowship, Christian Communications (Canada), CCHC (Canada) Herald Monthly, Canadian Chinese School of Theology, Chinese Universities Alumni Association of Vancouver, Canada, Global Women Federation of Commerce of Canada and Raimondi Alumni (B.C.) Association.    

We are very thankful to our clients’ support over the years such that our firm may give back to the community with complimentary legal seminars, support to charitable causes and organizations, and community outreach. With a team of approximately 10 highly trained lawyers, paralegals and legal assistants, we are ready to meet your legal needs.


李時勤 文學學士,社會工作學士,神學碩士,法律博士  






-為不同的組織和校局主講研討會,例如,在法律教育學會舉辦的法律課程中李律師擔 任義務講者已超過了10年;




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李时勤律师楼是由李时勤先生在市中心律师楼和华埠律师楼吸收宝贵经验后,在1993年成立的。 我们的宗旨是:客人的成功就是我们的成功。    

我们律师楼快速地以李律师的理念和个人的信仰提供符合我们客户多方面的服务。 我们明白客户的首要考虑因素是快速而稳重,合理的收费和专业的服务。 超过25年,我们的客户已经体会到我们的忠诚,关怀和职业道德。 我们的客户来自卑寺省,爱民顿,卡加里,多伦多,香港,中国及台湾。 我们已经和多伦多和香 港有信誉的律师楼长期建立联系。 

李时勤 文学学士,社会工作学士,神学硕士,法律博士

李先生从1991年开始已经是执业律师。 他非常感激有机会深入参与社会活动超过25年, 包括:





-为不同的组织和校局主讲研讨会,例如,在法律教育学会举办的法律课程中李律师担 任义务讲者已超过了10年; 


-作为多个团体的法律顾问,包括加拿大国际华人宣教协会,影音 使团,文化更新研究中心,文化更新研究中心全球基金,基督教社会关怀团契,加拿大福音证主协会,加拿大号角月报,加拿大恩道华人神学院,加拿大温哥华中国 大专院校校友会,加拿大环球妇女总商会以及高主教书院旧生会。     


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我们非常感激我们的客户这么多年来对我们的支持,因此我们能够以免费法律研讨会的形式回馈社会,支持慈善事业和组织。 我们的团队大概有10个训练有素的律师﹑律师助理和助手,除时为你提供法律服务。